The project objective is to extend and supplement existing methods and tools for management of product/systems development projects by including socio-technical perspective on organisational structure and intellectual capital dynamic performance measurement and monitoring.

To accomplish that, the following objectives should be met:

  1. To enable real-time large scale information network analysis reflecting intellectual capital elements evolution in hierarchical organisations performing development projects.
  2. To develop on-the-fly dynamic metric of a large scale information network augmented with appropriate visualisation effects performed on network's entities.
  3. To enable understanding of emerging processes and effects taking place in organisations during the development activities like knowledge growth, learning and risks.
  4. To explore the possibilities for prediction of complex information network’s behaviour based on the captured data in order to improve different management aspects for development and manufacturing organisations.

This project will build on existing theories and applications of complex networks dynamics analysis existing in different disciplines and will extended intangible project performance measures view of the organisations. In order to make our solution scalable for other domains, it is planned to explore application of the approach in public sector that also struggle with efficient management of the intellectual capital elements evolution.