CALYX, Croatia


CALYX ( is a software development company founded in 2007 by a group of former university colleagues and tisco, a partner company from Vienna, after a series of successful projects. The company specializes in various fields of software development, including: Java development, 2EE Solutions (Spring, GWT), J2SE Swing Applications, J2ME MIDlets, NET Development, PHP Development, Embedded Software Development, Contactless Technologies, Mobile Applications Development. The competence of CALYX employees is ensured by renowned certificates such as Microsoft Certified Application Developer, Zend Certified PHP5 Engineer or Spring Source Certified Spring Professional.

Calyx is more than a software development shop. They help entrepreneurs to build startups with our technical know-how and experience. They understand startups, are comfortable sharing risk and are prepared to be flexible on scope, duration and mode of engagement. The list of the CALYX projects and partners is quite long. Among them the most important projects that CALYX has been involved in are service for checking domain availability and information, back office application for the banking industry, cloud based software for management, back office application for handling prepaid customers for telecom provider, mobile health back-end development, PCI DSS tracking software etc. Some of the partner in Croatia hat CALYX had collaboration with are: T-Com, Intesa Sanpaolo Card, Pliva, Ericsson Nikola Tesla. Three startups have been initiated based on the collaboration of the CALYX with entrepreneurs: FotoIn – a multi platform photo annotation mobile app for field work intensive businesses, Axilis is a software development consultancy focusing on development for windows mobile platform, Carpusoft is a joint venture company providing top notch software solution for running an In Vitro Fertilization clinic and Yachtmaster that is a site connecting sailboat skippers to the charters.

The goal of the CALYX in participation in project is to explore the new field of the information visualization and further extend their knowledge and skills by developing solution based on the state-of the art theoretical approaches and methodologies. The field of the information visualization, CALYX see as potential new market niche for the future, not only for the R&D organizations but also for public sector like governmental administration or healtcare that they are already collborate with.